Erno Rubik and His Magic Cube

ISBN-13: 9781682636640
Kerry Aradhya, Kara Kramer (Illustrated by)
May 14, 2024
| 32 pages

Juvenile Nonfiction / Games & Activities / Puzzles / Technology / Inventions / Biography & Autobiography / Art

This first picture book biography of Erno Rubik, creator of the Rubik’s Cube, reveals the obsession, imagination, and engineering process behind the creation of a bestselling puzzle that will celebrate its 50th anniversary in 2024.

In 2023, the world record for solving the Rubik’s Cube was broken by Max Park, who finished in 3.13 seconds!

And then there’s you. Did you ever get so frustrated with a Rubik’s Cube that you wanted to pull it apart and put it back together in order? Were you to do so, you’d see how cleverly one of the world’s most popular toys is assembled. Working together, the 26 pieces combine to make 43 quintillion possible configurations—but only one solution.